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Welcome to BCI Aircraft Leasing, Inc.

Founded in 1997, BCI Aircraft Leasing, Inc. has become one of commercial aviation’s leading privately-held operating leasing companies. By providing unique and effective financial solutions, BCI helps airlines build, maintain and extract the greatest value from their fleets. The structured financing options we offer help support airline operations and assist our clients in achieving their fleet planning goals.

BCI’s portfolio is comprised of a variety of high quality, high utility transport aircraft ranging from the narrowbody Boeing 737s through the widebody Airbus A330s and Boeing 747s. Our aircraft fly with clients in North America, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

BCI’s strength revolves around a knowledgeable, professional and highly experienced management team. Their expertise enables BCI to offer flexible and uniquely structured financing alternatives to airline lessees.

Our highly dedicated management team has direct and extensive relationships with many of the world’s leading airlines which allow BCI to offer operating leases that can provide your airline immediate liquidity, flexible fleet planning or simply eliminating residual value risk. In addition to many other benefits, BCI also specializes in the continuous remarketing and strategic acquisitions of high quality aircraft.

Our knowledge of the commercial aircraft market and vast experience in the industry enables us to serve our customers with dynamic products and financial solutions to navigate the ever changing landscape of commercial aviation.

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