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Aircraft Trading

In addition to the effective management of operating assets, an additional area of expertise for BCI is the ongoing remarketing and strategic acquisitions of high quality aircraft and engines.

Some of our airline clients may have operated an aircraft type when a sale or leaseback is no longer an option and the aircraft is scheduled to be phased out. Therefore, BCI is willing to purchase these retired assets outright, whether it be a few aircraft or the entire fleet type. Our trading capability provides our clients with liquidity where there otherwise was none. Thus, commercial aircraft engines are also capital intensive assets, an asset that is less often thought of as an asset that may be able to provide a creative financial solution for the operator. BCI is able to find value and offers sale leaseback options on either operating spare engines or entire engine fleet types.

As our fleet and those of our customers continually evolve, we are constantly involved in the aircraft trading arena through proactively planned as well as opportunistic trading events. With long-standing relationships throughout the industry, and our own analysts constantly surveying the market, our informed and capable aircraft trading team ensures transactions are swift, efficient and successful.

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