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Products and Services

BCI is well positioned to deliver liquidity to the commercial aircraft industry and offers flexible and unique structured financing alternatives to its airline lessees. In doing so, BCI is structured to deliver economic benefits to its clients and take advantage of the global cyclicality of supply and demand in commercial aviation.

The commercial aircraft industry is one of the world’s most capital intensive industries; when liquidity providers retract, prices follow, demand rises and new opportunities are presented. Demand for air travel has maintained an upward path since 1945 and airline traffic is expected to continue to grow over the next 20 years as more of the world travels. The current reduction in traffic, seen usually during recessions, will soon be reversed as economic growth resumes. Additionally, the share of aircraft owned by leasing companies will grow as witnessed in the past 20 years. Since aircraft demand will come from emerging markets, their reliance on financing from leasing companies will expand. Aircraft leasing seems set for rapid growth and consolidation.

BCI specializes in sale-leaseback transactions which provide our airline clients the opportunity to extract the maximum value from their existing fleet portfolio. We offer traditional, long-term operating leases and, as your fleet expands, we also support new inductions into your fleet. In addition to the leasing solutions, we have an extensive aircraft trading operation to assist with necessary remarketing and acquisitions.

BCI can adequately meet the needs of leading airlines throughout the world to effectively deliver the most economic benefits to them for years to come due to the vast array of expertise, experience and market knowledge of our seasoned management team.

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